Samsung Brightside Verizon "LIKE NEW"

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Simultaneous QWERTY and Touch Screen Input

Look at the Brightsideâ„¢ for the best texting options. You have the choice to type texts and emails directly on the 3.1" touch screen, or slide out a full keyboard for the natural feel of real keys. Then slide it away when you're done. When things get crazy, you can be entering text on the QWERTY keyboard while multi-tasking using the touch screen. It's like two devices in one.

Integrated Social Networking

The Samsung Brightsideâ„¢ has the Social Networks app preloaded, to give you a quick look at your Facebook® and Twitterâ„¢ feeds. With the mobile versions of these social networks, you can quickly update your status, post tweets, reply, like, comment and share your freshest thoughts while on the go. The app is conveniently located on the Home screen for easy access.

One-touch Shortcut Keys

Staying in touch is a snap on the Samsung Brightsideâ„¢, which has built-in shortcuts for quick access to messaging and networking on the slide-out QWERTY keypad. Just press the spacebar to open the Social Networks app. Function + Z opens a quick list of emoticons for quick messaging. The Star key is a shortcut to your 12 favorite contacts. And there's a dedicated messaging key as a shortcut for writing texts.

3.2 Megapixel Rear-facing Camera and Camcorder

Take photos in a flash with the 3.2 megapixel camera, or capture a spontaneous video. There's a dedicated camera key on the right side of the phone so it's easy to find. This key also serves as the shutter button for rapid-fire photos. It's easy to share your pictures and videos with friends, or to upload them to an online album using email, Bluetooth or posting to Facebook®.

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